July 4 – (J♦) The Jack of Diamonds Person (3♠/J♣)

The Financially Creative Card

Jack of Diamonds1. This is the salesman’s card. These people are sharp, clever and always able to make a good living using their wits and charm. They are very independent and creative, and operate as much from their instincts as they do from their quick and creative minds. They can always get along and do well in life by virtue of their inherited financial expertise.

2. Few heed the call of their highest ideals and become the King that stands close to them. Their natural psychic ability can lead them to direct spiritual realization, but all Jacks are fixed in their minds and often this prevents them from exploring the intuition which is one of their greatest gifts. Some J♦ become professional physics while others have some fear of their open channel. In any event, most of them come to use it later in their life.

3.The J♦ has great power to persuade others. They are successful in work that brings them in front of groups or individuals. They can make a good living in the entertainment or healing professions. Many are artistically inclined and some are even gifted.

4. All Jacks can be immature and crafty, due to their vast creativity and they usually mean well even when they are not able to come through on their promises. They love to play and even in old age retain a certain youthful quality.

5. They love to be social and they are the best salespeople in the deck. They must find a career that gives them an outlet for their creativity and recognition of their superior talents.

Some of the J♦ Issues Concerning Relationships

  1. The J♦ takes a somewhat immature and idealistic view of love and marriage. There can be a constant turnover of love interests, as often as they change their minds. They think about love a lot and they think about marriage. But not all of them actually do it. As in the case of all Diamonds women, the female J♦ is better off not mixing business and romance because the Q♦, her personality card, has the most negative love karma of any other card in the deck. They have an idealized concept of what their personal freedom is and in many cases, this concept keeps them from ever making a commitment in a relationship. They will give you good reasons why they have never settled down, based on their high ideals of personal freedom, but the truth often is that they are truly afraid of what a real commitment may cost them in terms of having to face themselves and their deep needs for love and attention.
  2. They have the power to get their way with people but their own indecisive nature and sense of independence often gets the better of them. They can have a good relationship once they decide that is really what they want and are ready to settle down. Being so extremely creative can make one a playboy or playgirl.

July 4 has a K♣ PRC which has a few issues as well, but that’ s a discussion for another time.

Other J♦ birth dates and their corresponding PRC.

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6♣ 6♠ Q♥ 2♠ 4♦ 4♥ K♣ J♦

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