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The Moon Cards in Your Life

Have you ever met someone with whom you felt immediate comfort? Someone you felt like you had known forever even though you had just met? There are many explanations for this and connections which feel this way but the Moon connection, when properly expressed and accepted will have this effect.

I am a 3♥ I am Moon to the A♣ in the Mundane spread. The A♣ and the a 2♥ are connected and the 2♥ is Moon to me in the Spiritual spread. This creates a mutual Moon connection between the 3♥ and the A♣. Confused? So am I but I’ve come to understand some things about this system and how it works.

I’ve met several A♣ people and depending on their PRC (Sun) card, we don’t get along very well. All Leo’s are ruled by the Sun so their Moon and Sun card will be the same. This means that the Leo A♣ is all natural, no different PRC to mess things up, and we get along fine! The following describes the A♣ person.  You can read about the 3♥ person here.

A♣ The Ace of Clubs Person (2♥)

The Desire for Knowledge Card

The desire for knowledge, accompanied by the desire for love (Two of Hearts Karma Card) is the main influence for this card. Combine these together and you have a person who is a student of love as much as one who would truly like to find their ideal mate. This card has been known for promiscuity, but this is only true until they find the person of their dreams. They would rather be with anyone than alone, but will not give themselves fully until the right person comes along. Like all Aces, they are impatient and restless. Their curiosity leads them to be avid students, often with immense libraries and collections of learning materials of all kinds.

They are very smart and can use their brains and creativity to generate ample funds. They can make money in things associated with the arts or groups of women, anywhere creativity and quick thinking can be utilized for profit. They are very congenial and this helps them make friends at work and gives them good communications skills. They have very quick, sharp minds, and they are witty and avid talkers.

Their later years will not be satisfactory unless they turn to spirituality for guidance. They are the divine discontent card and need travel and changes in life and their work to satisfy both their desire for knowledge and their inner restlessness.

Some of the Ace of Clubs Issues Concerning Relationships

Like the Two of Hearts, many Ace of Clubs have the reputation of being promiscuous. However, this only occurs among those who have not yet found their true love, for whom they all are searching. If and when they find the person of their dreams they are as devoted as possible. They have that romantic glow in their eyes because they know there is a special relationship out there for them somewhere. They never let go of the dream of true and lasting love. Consider yourself lucky if they have chosen you as this special person in their life.

These loving and gentle people always have many friends and usually a good circle of friends. They need to express themselves and their creativity. It is often in this expression that the need for multiple relationships occurs.

The following table shows other A♣ dates and their corresponding PRC.

5/31 6/29 7/27 8/25 9/23 10/21 11/19 12/17
Q♣ 3♥ A♣ Q♣ Q♣/10♠ 10♠ 5♣ & 5♠ 3♦

The first time I met Bill, I felt an immediate connection to him. I couldn’t explain it, it just was. It would be several years before we were married but I had never felt as close to another human being as I did to him. I also had an immediate connection to his twin sister.  I also had this feeling when I met Mrs. Romero and my neighbor.

After Bill died I learned that my neighbor shared his birthday. I met Mrs. Romero in El Paso and stayed in touch over the years. I had forgotten her birthday but she had moved to this area several years ago and we had stayed in touch. Last fall she called and asked if she could come over.  Her daughter-in-law brought her by and we had a great visit.

I learned last week that she passed away on April 12, 2011, the 12th anniversary of Bill’s passing. I was meeting with her daughter again on Sunday. I had this nagging feeling that there was something that I should remember about Mrs. Romero so I asked her daughter about her birthday. She was born on July 27. She and Bill also shared a birthday.

A Moon connection is very good for relationships especially if the roles correct.  If the woman is Moon to the man, as in the case of Bill and me, it usually works well. If the man is Moon to the woman, there may be challenges if the man isn’t able to allow the woman to take a lead role in the relationship. Moon energy flows to the Sun so the supporting Moon energy must be received and accepted by the Sun person for the relationship to be successful. If it is not, there will be challenges.  Let’s just say I have more challenges with the other A♣ birth dates because they have other PRCs but the Leo July 27 birth date is a double A♣ and I am Moon to both of them.

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