Dream Interpretation – “Nothing”

I have vivid dreams on a regular basis, some of them recurring. I keep a dream journal because it helps me remember what I dreamed. I didn’t record this dream in my journal and others which happened years before I began keeping a journal are still on recall today, it’s just a tool to help you remember. It may take years but something comes to pass and suddenly I understand that I knew the answer all along and the dreams were my subconscious mind preparing for what was to come. Sometimes the dreams aren’t about me at all. I often dream of events which will happen in the world or news events that come to pass.

Three Dead People in a Dream

I’m no stranger to deceased people appearing in my dreams. Often these dreams come at a time when I need reassurance or clarification about a decision I need to make. This dream however was of three people related to each other but I had only been in the room with them together once, at a funeral. The funeral of one of them. They were all in a living room, sitting around being cordial without a care. I wasn’t in the room or part of the conversation, just looking at them in the room. I awakened suddenly and in a waking state realized that all three of them were deceased and it was my deceased husband’s deceased wife, her mother and father. I was puzzled because other than recognition, I had nothing.

Nothing is the Answer

I called my daughter (her mom was the daughter in the dream) and told her about the dream. As I was telling her the story I realized that “nothing” was the answer. The nothingness of the dream, everyone sitting around peaceably lounging, was the message. Everyone is okay. There was no arguing, no misguided verbal attacks, no anger…..nothing, except peace! Two of the three people in the dream had died unexpectedly, alone and were discovered by loved ones without anyone knowing when they passed. Many family members felt there was no closure but I believe this dream was to feel the peace and share it with those left behind, the living.

The messages are there but you have to pay attention

As I write this I realize that the dream occurred around the birthday of one of the deceased. I believe that these dreams come to people who are receptive to receiving them and passing the feelings along. There are people to whom this dream could bring comfort but they aren’t open to receiving the message. One day they will….

I feel that getting this reading prompted me to recall the dream and share it with my daughter because she needed to know. I will be sharing more dreams and my interpretations over the coming months. I’d love to hear your comments too.

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