Royal baby watch continues for July 17.

J♣The Jack of Clubs Person (J♦10♥)

Picture of a Jack of ClubsIt’s still today in the good old mainland USA but it’s tomorrow in London so we move on to speculation about the birth of the royal baby. Among other interesting things about this date, if born today, the baby will share a birthday with Camilla Parker-Bowles.

A person born today will have a strong mind but can be immature and never step up to the full potential of the royal court. Irresponsibility is also possible. The second influence for this date is the Queen of Spades so royal indeed.

On previous baby watch posts we have referenced another post but since this is the first post for this card, the full details follow.

The Mentally Creative Card

Creative, dishonest, or a mixture of both? As we can imagine, those who are the most creative can also be the most dishonest and vice versa. Here is a card of mental and financial creativity and these people are no lazy bones. Their brilliant minds are far ahead of the common person and society. They are the people of the Aquarian Age, being neither entirely male nor female. They are progressive and on the cutting edge of the evolution of our society and world.

As members of the royal family they dislike pettiness and tend to be somewhat impatient with the failings of others. They need respect and a position that allows their brilliant minds free reign to create and explore. They are never at a loss for ideas, some of which will bring them huge financial returns. On the negative side, the Jack of Clubs can be irresponsible and in some cases, dishonest. They can see things from so many levels that nothing is really ‘wrong’ – it is just another way of looking at things. They can make up a story so fast that they can explain away practically anything. They don’t get away with much in that regard though. Saturn’s hand always reminds them of the boundaries that keep them balanced and fair. The trouble comes when they start believing their own stories, departing from reality a little too far and creating a lot of hardship before getting back on course.

They are essentially good and giving people. Even though they are argumentative at times, they are loving and friendly to all they meet.

Some of the Jack of Clubs Issues Concerning Relationships

Such a strong and fixed mental approach to life can have its share of challenges for the Jack of Clubs. Mental approaches don’t always work in the realms of love. However, these people do not have particularly bad karma in this area. They need someone who is their friend first, and who will allow them some freedom to do and be themselves. If they have this, they are faithful and devoted. The men are excellent lovers and the women excellent companions.

They often have to contend with the ill health of a loved one, or their own health problems that are rooted in some emotional conflict. In most cases their health issues are related to some emotional cause, whether it be family or lover related.

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