Endings and Beginnings

As the holiday season approaches we often begin to think of our losses and forget about our blessings so I write my thoughts here as I remember my own losses, count my blessings and wait to see if I am facing yet another loss which I must release.

Even if there is a hole in your heart created by something or someone beyond your control, open your heart and be thankful as anything that is lost will be replenished if you only believe. What seems like a loss to you is an opportunity for growth if you don’t hold on to the loss so tight you lose yourself!

When you experience an ending, it is very hard to see that something better will come along to replace it. Endings make way for beginnings so release the ending and embrace the beginning. The tighter you hold onto the ending the more you close yourself off and are unable to accept new and wonderful things which are and have been waiting for you all along.

Something that comes along with this is accepting that your loss may be someone else’s blessing. So, accept, release and wait for your blessings to come…..

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!

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