If the royal baby comes today it will be a King of Clubs

Graphic depicting the King of Clubs if the Royal Baby is born today, July 15, 2013.It’s official! The royal baby, His or Her Royal Highness Prince or Princess of Cambridge, is overdue. Is this a sign? If born on the due date, he or she would have been a diamond.  Nothing wrong with a diamond but who wants a king or queen with value related issues?

From today through July 27, the baby will be a club. Clubs have a lot of mental focus and if born today, July 15, 2013, he or she will be a King of Clubs.  Rather than repeat here, this date shares September 11 so you can read about the King of Clubs in this article from our blog:  September 11, the King of Clubs.

Either male or female, if this child steps up and accepts the title and responsibility of King or Queen, the country will be a great statesman and leader.  If not, the country could have a few embarrassments along the way.  This person will live by their own truth so either way, be ready to deal with a powerful and strong willed King or Queen.  The child born today will be compatible with both parents, more so with dad.

There is a King of Clubs born once each month of the year as shown below.














Will there be more to post tomorrow? We’ll see. If it goes past July 27, we’ll be talking about hearts which is another issue for discussion.

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