You are where you’re supposed to be?

When you look at the title, do you look twice to be sure you get it? Is it a statement or a question? I posted it this way because some people think “I can’t imagine I’m where I’m supposed to be when things are so _______?”

How would you fill in the blank? If you filled in the blank with “good”, “terrific”, or “great”,  you most likely will say you are where you’re supposed to be. If you used “horrible”, “bad”, or another such word in the blank, you would most likely pose it as a question because you can’t believe that you’re where you’re supposed to be because things are so bad.

Someone close to me recently went through a divorce. Divorce often makes you feel as though you wasted the past years because you feel like you’re starting over. In many ways you are but if you can bring yourself to think about what or who is in your life now that wouldn’t have been if you hadn’t made that journey, you can begin to see the future in a positive light.

Maybe you have a child? A friend you would never have met? You may have moved to another location where something (a new lover, a new job) will come up for you that may never have happened if you weren’t in this place.

I believe that our past makes us who we are today. Endings must be viewed as making way for the beginning that is around the corner, and then you will know without a doubt that you are where you are supposed to be!

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