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June 24 – The Six of Clubs Person

Re-posting today for my daughter and niece who both have birthdays today.

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The Card of Higher Purpose

This card is also known as the psychic card and it is surprising to see how few of the people of these birth dates are aware of their gift. The 6♣ also means responsibility to truth. These people must learn to find a system of truth that they can believe in and live their life by. Once attained, there is no limit to how much good these people can do in the world.

Those who have not yet found their path can be the biggest worriers and procrastinators of all the cards in the deck. They have a responsibility to maintain inner balance and peaceful communications with those in their lives. They often attain financial affluence and have inherent protection over their lives. This is one of the cards that can attain the highest degree of material or spiritual success. On the other hand they can get caught up in their complacency and never amount to anything.

6 (six) of clubs from a deck of cards for astrologic interpretation.As the card of responsibility of the spoken word the always has issues concerning what they say and what they do as a result. Some of them profess the truth for years while secretly keeping their own lies. In all such cases, their lies catch up with them sooner or later with dire consequences. The high side always practices what they preach and are careful about what they say.

Some 6♣ have a special mission in their life, one that involves bringing others to the threshold of some ancient and powerful truth. These are the bringers of light. Once they tap into their hidden reserves and their natural intuition is recognized, they find their lives guided and protected from the highest sources possible.

Some of the Six of Clubs Issues Concerning Relationships

6♣ love to be in love and have relationships but often there are some childhood issues that impinge on their ability to choose wisely. Love is important to them. The women make good wives and mothers while the men are often dominated by certain women in their life. They have good marriage karma and usually have at least one very good marriage in their life.

Whether they do it early or later in life, they will one day face the emotional issues connected to their childhood and for that time, there will be challenges. Their love nature is strong and pure and it always finds the way through the trying times.

Their notions about love and marriage tend toward the idealistic and romantic sides. For this reason they will often encounter disappointments when these dreams clash with reality.

The following lists other 6♣ birth dates.

3/30 4/28 5/26 6/24 7/22 8/20 9/18 10/16 11/14 12/12

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