March 22 A♦ The Ace of Diamonds Person (2♦ – A♥)

The Desire for Money and Love Card

Ace of Diamonds Featured ImageThe inherent passion in this card can be expressed in a variety of ways but it always seems difficult for them to have both money and love at the same time. Perhaps this is because their nature is to focus all of themselves in one direction at a time to the exclusion of all others. In any case we find these people striving to attain one or both most of the time and rarely having both. They can be impatient, selfish and mercenary, or they can be the greatest of givers. They are all kind hearted on some level. The strong Neptune influence can give them high ideals to aspire to and this can lead them to doing great work or to live in a big fantasy of their own making. It depends on the individual just how they handle this strong Neptune energy.

These people are creative and capable of working two jobs at once. They meet new people every day and much of their good fortune comes from these meetings. They are ambitious and most of them have some artistic ability. Their life is a series of phone calls and communications of all sorts and usually a flurry of activity. Regardless of what they do, they see themselves as here to help the world and make an important contribution in the process. All of them are inclined to be psychic and many are naturally attracted to the metaphysical side of life. If money or power does not take top priority in their values, they can have lives of great satisfaction and accomplishment.

Some of the Ace of Diamonds Issues Concerning Relationships

As mentioned earlier, the main challenge for the Ace of Diamonds in love is whether they will need to give up their careers to have the love they want. Romantically, they are often indecisive, or they attract others that have difficulty making decisions. They like to be away from their loved ones for periods of time and oftentimes they will choose to love someone who is not available or who will be away from them a lot, either physically or emotionally. In other cases, they and their partner spend a lot of time traveling and seeing the world.

Many have said that Ace of Diamonds men in particular, should never marry. Most Ace of Diamonds will have endured at least one difficult divorce, something that was destined and yet not meant to be a curse on their whole life. I have seen successful Ace of Diamonds marriages, but in those cases I always notice that the couple travel together and have their respective careers separate from each other. This seems to settle the conflict.

March 22 has a 3♣ as a planetary ruler.

The description for a 3♣ planetary ruler is:

This ruling card bestows upon you more than average creativity and an urge to express the endless stream of good ideas that you get. You could find great success in writing, speaking, or some other form of creative expression. However, this same creativity can be the cause of great uncertainty at times. You may feel that having so many options and possibilities becomes as much a curse as a blessing because there will be times when you can’t make up your mind, or times that you worry excessively about inconsequential matters. The key is to get back into creative expression – it relieves the stress of the overactive mind signified by this card. This card may also make it difficult to make long-term commitments in personal relationships.

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