August 26, The King of Hearts

K♥ The King of Hearts Person (2♥ )

The Father Card

The King of Hearts recognizes that love is the highest power of all. These people make devoted parents, but not always Graphic representing the King of Heartsthe best spouses. Their devotion to their children and profession often displaces the love they would give their spouse. They do love everyone, forever, its true, but sometimes the wrong associations bring problems. They should be careful of mixing with people with lower motives and lifestyles in this regard.

These people can be overbearing, as all Kings can, when they have been betrayed by those they hold closest to their hearts. They bring with them (from past lives) the knowledge of mastery of their emotions and of their family life. Consider yourself blessed if they consider you to be one of their ‘family’.

The K♥ can excel in business, especially as a dealer or adviser in the finances of others. They have more success in association with others or in partnerships than alone. They have better than average luck in legal matters as well. It is not wise to argue with them. Their keen minds can always find a suitable response.

There are inevitable losses of loved ones in their lives but they know the truth and can let go though they still feel the pain. Many of them are mentally gifted and sometimes psychic. Much knowledge just flows to them and they use this to rise up to the top in their careers.

Some of the King of Hearts Issues Concerning Relationships

Many say that the K♥ makes a great lover and father but a lousy husband. Their power can be used or abused. They are the ‘Kings of Charm’. So, we find as many ‘playboys’ among them as in the case of the 8♥. The women have issues because they are so powerful and headstrong. They can usually stand up to any man and they would like to be the head of their household. This can be difficult for a male partner. When the female K♥ is upset, she can be very sharp tongued and all her mental power will be turned against you.

There will be some fated relationships that occur to reflect back to them their own indecisive nature and the consequences of it.

The following table shows other dates on which K♥ are born, showing their respective planetary ruling cards.













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