January 6 – The Eight of Spades (8♠) Person

8♠ The Eight of Spades Person (K♣ & 6♣)

The Power Through Work Card

8 of spades for astrological evaluationAs the ‘Eight of Eights’, the power card of power cards, the 8♠ has the heaviest burden and obligation to use his or her power for good. All of them are tempted to take this power and use it to escape from their fears and avoid facing themselves from time to time. They are here to work and make a contribution and ultimately this must take priority above their romantic life. These are the workers and the workaholics of the deck. Their power is expressed through action and the force of their indomitable will.

It would seem natural that those with the greatest power at their disposal would be most likely to abuse it. Merely having the gift of such power could be the justification to use it any way we choose. One might think to one’s self, “If I am given such power, it must mean that I am to use it and that I am right”. Nothing could be farther from the truth and the 8♠, and all the other Eights for that matter, are the ones that suffer from the results of actions based on that misconception.

Spades take us into the spiritual realms though most Spade people cannot remove their attention from material gain and mastery. Success is almost easy for them, as long as they are willing to work for it – many of these people are workaholics. They know that they possess great power. The test comes in how they choose to use it.

They need to be admired and will work hard for it. They make good providers and will often try to marry those of means also. They can handle obstacles, which often serve as a measure of their true abilities. They have a profound healing power, and if directed, can transform the lives of those they meet. Part of their life challenge involves developing a more positive attitude about life amid the changes that life is sure to bring their way from time to time. Study of spiritual subjects always brings healing and more personal freedom.

Some of the 8♠ Issues Concerning Relationships

With so much power at their disposal, the 8♠ usually finds out that this same power can ruin the delicate balance that is required in a loving relationship. There are subtle fears of abandonment that are often hidden beneath their need to control others. They like those who have money and want that to be a part of their married life as well. They can become snobbish or mercenary in some cases. Love is on their minds a lot and they cannot ever just rule it out of their lives.

The A can be a very self-absorbed individual and their approach to love can be somewhat idealistic and mentally based. They are here to study love and learn by experience. This can lead them into many changes romantically as they sample the spectrum of what love has to offer. Their own restlessness is often at the root of any separations, regardless of what they might tell you, and they usually accrue benefits from divorces or separations. This is an unusual karmic pattern. Most cards do not fare as well in divorce matters.

Other 8♠ Birthdays and their Planetary Ruling Card

01/06 02/04 03/02
3♣ 3 9♥

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