Black and White to Vivid Color

As long as she could remember Jenny had a recurring dream. It began around the age of 11 or 12 and continued until her grandfather died when she was in her mid twenties.

The Farmhouse

The dream always began at the farm where her grandparents lived and it always began in black and white. Jenny would spent a lot of time there and in the dream she would be doing some normal, fun activity. The farm had a long driveway which went all the way around the house from one gate to the other.  Something would always happen and Jenny would run to the gate to escape from her grandfather. Sometimes it would be closed and sometimes not but there was always a large gasoline can sitting near the gate.

The Witch

She would run to the gate being chased by her grandfather. Just as she thought she had gotten away, as she ran past the gas can a witch, fully clothed in black came out of the can just like a genie from a bottle and picked up the chase.

Jenny ran faster and faster, down the dirt road toward the bridge which crossed the creek. If only she could get there. She ran faster and faster. Just as she stepped on the bridge it collapsed and she plunged into the water. As she plunged through the water, everything turned to living color. She went down, down, down and just as she was nearly to the bottom she woke.

The Root of the Dream

Not many people knew or admitted that Jenny’s grandfather was a person guilty of unspoken deeds with his young grandchildren. The grounds around the farmhouse represented good times but the inside of the farmhouse represented fear and bad things related to her grandfather.

The fact that the dream stopped after her grandfather died hints that maybe the witch which picked up where she escaped her grandfather really represented her grandfather because even as an adult she lived in fear that he would appear and do harm. After his death, the fear and the dream left with him.

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