Divination – How Many Ways?

Psychic Ability

I believe that everyone has psychic ability. Most people tend to ignore it or choose to give it a different name for many reasons. Some don’t believe in the concept, some feel that it is evil and others may believe that it is in direct disagreement with their religion. Whatever you believe, please know that this information is not being presented to change what you believe, only to offer another opinion to inspire tolerance of the opinions and beliefs which may be different than your own.

There are many forms of divination which may include Psychics (Spiritual Intuitive), Numerology, Tarot, Palmistry, Astrology, Card Science and others. I will be discussing each of these in future posts, so please stay tuned.

Divination Tools

Some people trust their psychic ability while others struggle to understand it and over analyze whether or not it really is psychic ability or just their imagination. Some use tools like Tarot cards to give their ability a voice, like a nudge from their brain to help them verbalize the information they receive until they are more comfortable with their gift.

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