July 10 – Five of Diamonds Revisit

5♦The Five of Diamonds Person (9♦/3♣) Again

Five of DiamondsI’ve written about the 5♦ before but given today is July 10, I want to re-visit the topic. The original post was written in 2010 and I have some new information.

If you were born on this day in 1957, your daily card is the 9♥ which is the “Giver of Love” card. So, if you’re 62 today, this is your card for today.

If you’ve read many of the posts here, you’ll know your birthday begins a new set of cards. Unless otherwise mentioned, we’ll assume information applies to July 10 at age 62.

2♠ (sudden partnership that doesn’t last long, possibly with a younger brother or sister?) is your BC influence for the next 52 days. It’s in Mercury so any influence will pass quickly. 8♦ (money coming in quickly and unexpectedly; stabilizing influence?) is your PRC influence for this period.

There are two other influences called Decanate Rulers. July 10 has two of them, 9♦ and 4♥. The Decanate Ruler is another planetary ruler influence because the 10th is 10 degrees into Cancer and is ruled by Mars and Pluto. The 52 day DR 4♥  Mercury influence is 3♣ (Indecision about a short trip, where to work, what to study? Feeling creative?) and 9♦ is 9♠ (Sudden illness, accident or trouble with work?)

Whatever your cards, remember there are no bad cards but you may have some work to do to stay on the high side and always be aware.

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