August 22 – 4♣ The Four of Clubs Person (5♣ & 6♥)

August 22 – 4♣ The Four of Clubs Person (5♣ & 6♥) Graphic showing a 4 of clubs playing card for astrology.This post is for Dylan who was born today.  Other Four of Clubs birthdays are shown at the bottom of the post.

The Card of Mental Satisfaction

Though this is a card of stability, the underlying Five of Clubs also indicates a hidden restlessness that can manifest in several ways. These people are progressive and can utilize this to create new ideas in their chosen line of work, rather than let the restlessness keep them from achieving any success. These people know what they know and are not likely to change their minds on your behalf unless they see the value of change for themselves. ‘Stubborn’ may describe it better in many cases.

They are fond of argument, since they usually win, and usually do well in legal matters. They have a good constitution and are not afraid of hard work. This is a successful card. They are good at sales work and enjoy talking about what they believe in. They are popular and do well in groups. As long as they don’t let their love of debate get out of hand, they will keep a fine reputation in their work. They also want a successful love life and this is their major life challenge.

Often the drive and determination of the Four of Clubs masks a desire to be accepted by others, the same acceptance that they find difficulty in giving themselves. In other cases, their desire for success in their work competes with their desire for love and affection. Their last years of life are often the most successful and they usually end up with much financial opulence or protection. The Four of Clubs collectively are the ‘keepers of knowledge’. They show us that information has a practical value and that we can be happy and successful by applying what we have right under our noses.

Some of the Four of Clubs Issues Concerning Relationships

Though it can manifest in many ways, the need for affection that the Four of Clubs has is a major issue in their life. That, combined with a certain restlessness and fear of commitment can, in some cases, be the cause for untold painful relationships. This is not true of all of them. Their basic karma in love is good. If they can find a partner that also appreciates a little space, they are happier.

They must also watch for a tendency to be attracted to those of low reputation and morality. If they are choosing to operate on the lower side, they can be some of the most romantic but dishonest lovers in the deck. Or they will attract the same. Many are drawn to artists or others in the creative fields.














4♣ or 2♦



8♣ & 8♠


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