King of Diamonds

K♦ The King of Diamonds Person (3♣/ 7♠ )

The Businessman’s Card

King of Diamonds GraphicThe K is the master of values, finances and business. In this regard he or she can do very well in any business pursuit, applying their inherited knowledge to their work with much success. These people are always more successful as heads of their own business rather than working for others. They can be very mercenary when it comes to money and business, but they don’t have to be.

This is the only ‘one-eyed’ King in the deck, which tends to blind them to certain aspects of life and situations. This can also make them very stubborn and see things from only their side of the issue. K♦ are known to make enemies for this very reason.

Perhaps the upraised ‘battle-ax’ on their card represents a fondness for competition. However all of them know what is of real value and if they follow their knowing instead of their fears, they can be the most respectable people in the business world. They must always guard against using their power to get things to go their way at the expense of others. With so much inherent power, the K may avoid dealing with their feelings and create problems . There are often emotional issues from childhood that must be dealt with before the higher side of this card can be manifested. Until then, they can appear cold and ruthless.

They are very creative and can make huge amounts of money by using this gift. The King of Diamonds are powerful people who can do much good in the world and can be examples of those who are ‘in the world but not of it’.

Some of the King of Diamonds Issues Concerning Relationships

The K is one of those cards which doesn’t have any particular good or bad relationship karma. However, being Kings, they are quite powerful and unwilling to compromise, which can cause problems on the personal level. The women, especially, have to find a way to balance their strong masculine side in the context of a relationship where the accepted norm is the ‘retiring female’. They tend to want to dominate or at least be an equal to their mates and not many men are willing or able to deal with such power in a woman. Some of the women give up trying after a few unsuccessful attempts. Some of the men do likewise.  Both sexes can be guilty of looking at love and marriage strictly from a financial point of view. It is always best for them to keep their business and love life separate until they find the right match.

Both sexes could learn to express their fears and emotions to have better luck in romance or marriage. Honest communication bridges the gap and brings more intimacy. They are attracted to those of wit and good education and are often found working with their spouse in a business.















Chuck Norris is a K♦.

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