November 30 – 3♥

3♥ The Three of Hearts Person (A♥ & 3♦)

The Indecision in Love Card


The 3♥ is the first card in the Mundane Spread of cards and represents the departure of Man and Woman from the Garden of Eden. They are inquisitive, intelligent and interested in work. They have particular success working with men and even the women stand well in male-ruled companies and associations. They are progressive in their work and usually improve their life or finances through travel or making changes. They are quite psychic, hard workers and have success whenever they apply themselves. They need a certain amount of change or travel in their vocation to be happy.

One of their most important lessons in life is overcoming their fear of poverty and learning to translate indecision in values to creativity in their work or business. They are learning to develop faith that the necessary resources will always be there for them when they ask. Much of their own financial lack stems from lack of clarity about what is most important to them in life. In this case, their own natural creativity becomes a burden of indecision. This same indecision can be at the root of some very challenging and karmic relationships where they meet another who shares these same qualities and leaves them in doubt about whether or not they are loved.

Once the 3♥ has learned the value of foundation and stability, their creativity becomes a great talent that leads them forward towards their goals. Once they learn that it is as good to give as to receive, they find great fulfillment in giving love and truth to others in their life. Those that spend their later years pursuing metaphysical or religious subjects have more satisfaction and peace.

Some of the Three of Hearts Issues Concerning Relationships

Of the threes, all of whom demand the freedom to explore possibilities, the 3 can become the most confused and bewildered mentally and emotionally. In search for what and who they love, they can often become confused and dissatisfied, even when they find the perfect love standing in front of them. They are very charming and attractive people and have no trouble attracting others to love. The challenge comes once they find someone. The 3♥ can be one of the most fickle in the deck but this same energy can be expressed as a profound ability to speak and express themselves. If there is the fickleness, one can find its roots in emotional conflicts and fear of commitment. They do have some difficulty deciding what they want emotionally and in other areas and there are bound to be times when the person they lose is the one that they truly wanted the most. They generally are attracted to those of wit and high intelligence.

The Other 3♥ Birthday

There is only one other day of the year you can be a 3♥ which is December 28. The PRC (Planetary Ruling Card) is different for each date.

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