March 4, 6♠

6♠ The Six of Spades Person (9♠ & 2♠)

The Card of Fate

  • This is a powerful card, and the card of a person who is here to learn the responsibility of such power.
  • These people either align themselves to a higher purpose and vision and achieve great success, or have their power turned against them for their own downfall.
  • As a rule, these people are very responsible for their actions but a strong Neptune influence can lead many of them down the road of escapism and time lost in fantasy and illusion. They are dreamers to be sure and as such they must be careful to keep their dreams aligned with high ideals and principles if they wish to prevent them from becoming nightmares.
  • They must latch on to the highest dream they can and use their power to attain it.
  • Nothing can stop them once this vision is clear. Fulfillment on every level is guaranteed.
  • They must watch a tendency to fall into a comfortable or uncomfortable rut.
  • They can also be very stubborn.
  • Through the acquisition of knowledge they find great fulfillment, life purpose, direction, and many good friends.
  • Some of their greatest challenges come in the area of love and romance. Their own indecision works against them.
  • Being connected with the 9♠, there are sure to be losses in their life, tragic in some cases.
  • However, the 9♠ also guarantees great success when they are focused on a vision of helping the world with their many gifts.
  • They can be the greatest givers of the deck, expressing themselves in a more universal manner.
  • Many rise to great heights in their work.

Some of the 6♠ Issues Concerning Relationships

  • The 6♠ cannot stop thinking about love and romance. At the same time they tend to have a somewhat mental approach to the whole situation that causes them to undergo many experiences, both up and down, while they gather experience to back up their concepts and ideas.
  • They can tend to be drawn into multiple relationships and this usually has negative consequences for them.
  • They would do better to examine their hidden fear of not getting enough affection that underlies these attempts.
  • Both sexes are attracted to those of intelligence and wit.
  • The women like men of authority or prominence.
  • They can be crafty or dishonest in love matters, much like the :5d and :6d, and must avoid trapping themselves in their own stories and beliefs.

Other 6♠ Birthdates with Corresponding PRC

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3♥ A♣ Q♣ 8♦

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