J♥ The Jack of Hearts Person (K♠/8♣)

This article is for Uncle Don who passed away today. He was a J♥.

The Sacrificial Love Card

Jack of Hearts CardAs one of the three fixed cards, the Jack of Hearts is strong about their version of love. They are surrounded by the Christ spirit of sacrifice through love. Even though they are a Jack, which are sometimes immature and crafty, the Jack of Hearts is influenced by the wisdom of the Christ spirit, which gives them higher guidance and higher motives in general. They must watch however, that their martyrdom does not get out of hand. They can also become escapists and misguided, but this is the exception rather than the rule.

Love is their power and birthright. They have come to love others and to show them the way by their example. They know how to love with the big “heartedness” of a King and once they decide that theirs is the mission of love, they do take on the yoke of responsibility admirably. They often make sacrifices in their life and their personal fulfillment may be given up for some higher cause or philosophy. As born leaders, they must be successful in their own profession. These people are fixed and guided by a strong sense of justice and duty. They can be depended on for help or to do what they have promised, unless they get caught up in the lower side of the “crafty Jack”.

They all carry the Christ spirit within them and everyone they associate with are in some way uplifted by their presence. They find their greatest fulfillment on a spiritual path or by bringing the higher energies to their work and lives.

Some of the Jack of Hearts Issues Concerning Relationships

The sacrificial nature of the Jack of Hearts can work for good or ill in relationships, depending upon the person. These people have power and strength in their love natures, but a certain degree of immaturity may prove to be their undoing at times. They are usually devoted to higher ideals in love and have their own philosophy about it that no one can change. They will make sacrifices for you if they love you and you may be part of their plan to save the world.

However, in the same vein, the Jack of Hearts can use this “savior complex” to do silly things in love – things like choosing a mate that is totally unworthy or broken in order to see their love heal someone. This can result in victim/savior or co-dependent relationships that have ill consequences.










9♥ or 2♥&2♦



The cards are closely associated with astrology.

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