June 18 – The Queen of Clubs Person

Q♣ The Mother of Intuition Card (3♥10♦)

Queen of Clubs from a standard deck of cards for astrological interpretation.All Queens are service oriented and receptive in nature. The mental nature of clubs inclines the Queen of Clubs to be in the publishing trade, secretarial work, or among the more aware ones, psychic work. Being Queens, they are always aware of their place in the royal court and resist anyone trying to mold them in any way. Their displaced card, the Three of Hearts, as well as the Five of Clubs in their Venus position, tells us that indecision about love and friendship makes it hard for them to find lasting happiness in these areas. Their mental gifts are abundant and whether or not they realize it, they are always receiving knowledge from the ‘other side’. These people have incredible organizational minds but live life at such a high pitch that they are often stressed out or overdoing it.

The A♠  in Jupiter promises many rewards if and when they follow spiritual or psychic lines of work or pursuits. They have a deep heritage of knowledge from past lives that is always available. The Queen of Clubs is also known as the ‘Mother Mary’ card and many of them have one or more ‘children’ for whom they must make sacrifices in their life just as the Virgin Mary had to undergo the sacrifice of her son Jesus.

The Queen of Clubs often has two jobs and does best where there is some creative expression and freedom of movement. They are proud and do their jobs well.

Some of the Queen of Clubs Issues Concerning Relationships

Though many Queen of Clubs get married, not all of them are happy about it or make a success of it. These people have powerful minds and wills and not many partners can handle them and their willful ways. They also carry with them the karmic seeds for one or more difficult relationships that will be brought into fruition at some point in their life. For this reason, many of them try marriage once and then renounce it for the rest of their life. Some of them change their mind a lot about what they want as well. This can make their partners feel very insecure about their love and thus create separation. They operate on higher frequencies and thus their partner must have some mental ability and communications skills to make it work. There is a certain amount of indecision emotionally as well that adds to the challenges they have to deal with each time they fall in love.

One of their biggest challenges is to let their loved ones be themselves without trying to change them. Letting go of personal attachments can be difficult for someone who shies away from the feeling side of their natures.

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