K♠ King of Spades as Your Planetary Ruler This ruling card gives you a great deal of potential power, but along with that, a great deal of responsibility which few people choose to bear. You do have the ability to accomplish great feats in this lifetime, but you would have to abandon some of your creative and playful activities in order to attain this. You can be very bossy and stubborn, though you do have great wisdom to share with others. But will you follow your own wisdom? With this card you have absolutely no excuse for not having a very successful and satisfying life. But this again reflects how our choices in life are the true measure of who we are. Uncertainty and concerns around love, marriage and romance are also there to deal with, whenever you decide to address them.
Q♠ Queen of Spades as Your Planetary Ruler This ruling card tends to make you a hard worker and a person who cares for others in a motherly sort of way. You probably get some very good organizational skills from this card and may be attracted to work that others would find distasteful. It does add a strong work-oriented nature to your personality and you may have to be careful that you do not find yourself in a position of drudgery and struggle. You can also be a very tough boss. On the spiritual side, this is the highest card of self-mastery, giving you a special opportunity to experience enlightenment and mastery of your life through self-reflection and understanding.
J♠ Jack of Spades as Your Planetary Ruler This ruling card adds a strong, creative urge to your personality that could manifest in several ways. First of all, you may feel drawn towards acting or some form of artistic expression. Even if you are not, you have a lot of creativity that you do apply to whatever work you are doing. The Jack of Spades is also called the card of the ‘thief’ and because of the strong creative influence, people with this card often make few distinctions in the areas of honesty when it comes to getting what they want. This card is one of the ‘one-eyed’ Jacks. Therefore, others may see you as being one-sided in your opinions and attitudes. This is also the card of the spiritual initiate. You may feel drawn towards the study of spiritual subjects which can transform your life to a higher level.
10♠ Ten of Spades as Your Planetary Ruler This ruling card tends to make you a person who goes to extremes at times. When you get into something, you really get into it. You can be a workaholic and probably feel somewhat burdened by your work a lot of the time. You also have some desires for a settled and satisfying family life that may seem to compete with your ambitions at work. You do have the ability to take on enormous amounts of work and get it done and you can harness energy that few others could in the same situation. You desire to be known for something, for something you have done or created, and you will work like crazy until you achieve it. There are probably uncertainties surrounding your intimate relationships which could add to your inner conflict between love and work.
9♠ Nine of Spades as Your Planetary Ruler This ruling card tends to make you a kind-hearted and giving person, and one who understands the suffering that some people have to go through in this life. For this reason, others may come to you to talk about their problems and to be consoled. You are essentially a giver, and it seems that whenever you do things with selfish motivation, you have many problems instead of satisfaction. You may have experienced some personal losses in your life and your own health may be a concern from time to time. In this lifetime you are learning to disassociate yourself from your personal concerns and adopt a more universal view of life. You will have some profound spiritual awakenings that will open up new doors of understanding and experience.
8♠ Eight of Spades as Your Planetary Ruler This ruling card adds a great deal of power to your personality, making you someone to be reckoned with on a personal level. It could also make you a workaholic. You probably attract others who are also powerful and in these relationships will resolve some of your power and control issues. You have a strong desire for work and to make money, but you must be careful not to abuse others to acquire your goals. Your power can be used for healing or to do many other good things. You probably have more energy than the average person and may seem to be somewhat of an extremist at times. But you learn by doing and trying things yourself. This card gives you the strength to overcome any obstacles and problems that come your way.
7♠ Seven of Spades as Your Planetary Ruler This ruling card adds strength to your personality and gives you a certain amount of good fortune, especially in the areas of home and family. You may feel that you have a blessed marriage or relationship, or that many good things have come from your parents. Health concerns may play a major role in your life and you may be accident-prone. The Seven of Spades encourages us to have faith in life, in spite of whatever circumstances we may find ourselves in. In this regard, you may find yourself tested many times. You are probably attracted to those of intelligence and wit and with a bit of luck, you could marry one of them. Financial security is something that will only come through hard work.

Six of Spades as Your Planetary RulerThis ruling card adds a strong, steadying influence to your personality, which can be good. You would tend to create peace in your life and wait for things to come your way. Health matters will play an important role in your life as you are probably learning lessons about the results of whatever lifestyle you are leading. You don’t get away with abuses in this area. You have great potential for success, but you must find ways to get yourself out of the ruts you get into at times in order to achieve it. You may find yourself waiting and waiting for something that never shows up because it wasn’t pursued. Your life has a destined quality about it. When you least expect it, something dramatic happens to take you to the next chapter.
5♠ Five of Spades as Your Planetary Ruler This ruling card can cause you to do a lot of traveling or moving in your life. It basically adds a very adventurous side to your personality. You probably see life as an opportunity to experience many interesting things more than anything else. Even so-called ‘bad’ experiences will have value to you because of what you learn from them. You love to be with people and have some success in groups of all kinds. The larger the better. You also have a fair amount of sales and promotion ability and could easily make a living doing this sort of work. You are amicable and can relate to most anyone on their level, making them feel comfortable with you. But your restlessness is the real heart of this card’s meaning.
4♠ Four of Spades as Your Planetary Ruler This ruling card makes you more security-oriented and encourages you to create a solid foundation in your life. It gives you good organizational skills and a logical mind that can keep your life peaceful. You tend towards family and home matters, making them extra important in your life. You are a hard worker and actually enjoy working, which also brings you peace. But keep in mind that others may not see value in the same things as you. They may think you are fairly stubborn and unwilling to see things from their point of view. You like to build a life on a firm foundation, one block at a time. You have fears about money that seem to come out of nowhere. You also tend to attract friends with money.
3♠ Three of Spades as Your Planetary Ruler This ruling card gives you a lot of creative energy and it may result in your becoming an artist of some kind. You should know, however, that this is one of the cards who will attain success only through hard work. Without it, your creativity will be wasted on stress, indecision, uncertainty and worry. Health concerns which may not be able to be explained may dominate your attention from time to time, especially if you are very work-oriented. Your work brings you peace, but don’t ignore your health in the process. You have the capacity to work two jobs at the same time and you have a strong romantic streak and needs. If your romantic needs are not met in your current relationship you may be tempted to seek them elsewhere.
2♠ Two of Spades as Your Planetary Ruler This ruling card gives you a strong urge towards friendship and partnerships. You tend to create situations where you can work or play with friends. You are a good friend yourself. It also gives you a very logical mind that can give you special abilities in the workplace. You may be drawn to computers or other areas where clarity of mind is a requirement. But the Two of Spades can also bring some uncertainties in the relationship department. There are probably some fears about love or marriage that must be faced and acknowledged before you will find happiness. Though your mind is well developed, you may have ignored your own needs and feelings, which are essential in developing harmonious intimate relationships.
A♠ Ace of Spades as Your Planetary Ruler This ruling card adds a lot of passion and ambition to your personality. It could even result in your becoming something of a workaholic. It will cause you to seek to find yourself in your work and in the things you create. You generate a lot of power and have a strong will. This will cause your life to be a series of chapters, and in each you have transformed into a new person. Inner transformation is a part of your life pattern and this may lead you to the study of metaphysics where you will find answers to the many questions about your life. You have a special inner power that can only be accessed by turning your attention within. Relationships will be a major challenge in your life until you face the truth about your own inner needs versus your external goals and dreams.