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Destiny Cover Page
Destiny Cards Report Sample Cover Page

cards of Your DEstiny REports

Learn about yourself through the lense of your birthday. Discover how your life cycles through different phases over years and months. The annual report will focus on your date of birth for the current year. This year almost over, get a report for next year.

love cards Relationship Reports

Learn about the people in your life. Intimate, Family and Friends or Business Associates.

These reports provide additional information not covered in the Love Cards book. Learn about the connections, for better or worse, between you and your spouse, friend, new love, etc.

You can get one report or several. There is a discount for multiple reports.

Learn about your relationship with your children. You probably won’t learn a lot about younger kids because they are still forming personalities, etc. If your kids are 30 or over you’ll get better information.

3 of Diamonds Age 76
Birth Card Sample Report Page

Your Birth Card

Learn about the card representing the day of your birth! Take a look inside yourself. Learning about your cards can help you understand how you react to other people. You may learn how someone pushes your buttons and vice versa.

PRC and DRC Cards
Planetary and Decanate Ruler Cards Sample Report Page

Your planetary Ruler and Decanate Ruler Card

Look at what you project to the world. Talk about complications. Everyone has a planetary ruling card (Scorpio’s have two) but not everyone has a decanate ruler.

This page is for reports and both reports can be purchased for one price of $37.00. All reports are delivered via email with a personalized link for you to access your PDF reports. You can download the report to view later or print it. Discounted quantities are coming soon. Remember, these reports are for entertainment purposes and are not intended as advice or recommendations.