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Act, Value, Think, Feel
Act – Value – Think – Feel!

Kick Start Your Understanding of You!

Learn why you react to others in a certain way. Why do some people just get on your nerves? Don’t understand why you’re attracted to someone and it just doesn’t make sense?

Ace of Clubs

Each day of the year has a card which is closely connected to astrology.

Club and diamond birth cards are in every month of the year. Spade birth cards are only from January 1 to July 1. Heart birth cards are only born from June 30 to December 30. All suits come up through the year as planetary ruling cards, underlying cards or in spreads.

If you’re looking for information about someone born on 12/31……nothing to see here. It’s the only day of the year that this system doesn’t discuss.

3 of Hearts
On this website, you’re seeing information through the eyes of this card.

Get reports to help you understand more about you and those around you.

Someone can explain the cards to you and it may not make sense. Put it where you can read for yourself and boom! It will make more sense because it’s just you and the report, no third person to hear your answers and make you feel uncomfortable.

Who We Are?‚Äč

I’m Arci and I’ve been studying Robert Lee Camp’s work since I read his first book in early 2000.